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Erlend Standal
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Phone: (+47) 45 45 46 87


Work experience/Education

Marbio AS • 2020-Now


In this position, I utilize everything I have learned after almost 15 years in government administration and 4 years in the private consulting industry, as well as from my entire academic background. In addition, I put into practise a variety of skills that I have acquired on my own over the years.

Salt Lofoten AS • 2016-2020

Senior adviser

At SALT, I learned to use my knowledge from the bureaucracy in a more applied way, adapted to the clients that I work for and their particular challenges. Here I have also strengthened my abilities as a project manager, through several large projects.

Standal InFo • 2010-2020


What was previously reserved for researchers at Cern was made available to the public in 1993 by making the Mosaic web browser available to private individuals. This was the start of the World Wide Web, or what we usually just call "the Internet". Two years later, in 1995, Erlend made his first website on the Internet. After having had web design as a hobby for several years, Erlend started the company Standal InFo in 2010 to offer web design services commercially, in addition to my main work.

Directorate for Nature Management / Norwegian Environment Agency • 2007-2016

Senior adviser

My main responsibility was to follow the Oslo-Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR) as Head of Delegation for Norway to the Biodiversity Committee (BDC). I also followed Fisheries Management and the National Marine Protection Plan and had a central position in the governmental work on marine litter. I also designed maps and developed several marine datasets (GIS).

Directorate of Fisheries • 2002-2007


Workplace: Region Møre og Romsdal. My main duties were processing and coordination of aquaculture applications, follow-up of municipal and state planning processes, handling complaints and hearings in connection with aquaculture, system audit of mandatory Internal Control systems for aquaculture. I was super user of ArcView and GIS Coordinator for the region, and developed an application database, which made it possible to plot applied locations for aquaculture on digital maps for the first time.

Byggmakker • 1997-2002

Store assistant/Salesman

Working as a salesman in a store is a great way to develop good skills to communicate with customers. It also provided good training in explaining how to perform various work operations, and hence good training in dissemination.

1994-2001 • NTNU

Cand. scient. (Master of Science) in marine biology

Thesis on male dimorphism and female mimicry in corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops)

1998-2000 • Sør-Trøndelag University College

University College graduate in economics and business administration

Special weight on marketing. Worked with NTNU University Museum in Trondheim as a case, to strengthen their profiling and showcase the various departments of the museum.

The Norwegian Air Force • 1991-1994

Platoon leader/Second Lieutenant

Platoon leader/Second Lieutenant at recruit academy (1993-1994)
Sergeant/Instructor at recruit academy (1992-1993)
UB-Corporal (Officer Candidate), paramedic (1991-1992)

Altogether, this gave me a good education and experience in management in demanding situations, and how to best convey a message to a group of people, who in the beginning were not necessarily so motivated to learn. This gave me good training in lecturing. Also a good background in HSE and management of large groups of people in the field.

1991-1993 • The Norwegian Air Force

Officer Candidate School

Trained as medical officer during compulsory military service (conscription), with subsequent service as sergeant for one year.

1971 • Born

Marine biologyErlend holds a Cand. scient. degree in marine biology from NTNU.
ManagementErlend has almost 15 years experience from public administration of both aquaculture and marine environment at the directorate level. He was leader of the Norwegian delegation to the OSPAR Biodiversity Committee (BDC) for several years. He has training and practise as internal control auditor for aquaculture.
CreativityErlend is a creative soul, and loves to combine expert knowledge and creative dissemination of the mysteries of nature.
DisseminationThe skill to explain complex topics in a manner that is easy to comprehend is an important tool for successful dissemination. Erlend has a formal background as lecturer and instructor from the air force and has polished his communicative skills since then.
Technical insightErlend has always been interesting in finding out how things work and has well-developed skills in logical reasoning.
Marine litterErlend has worked hard at placing marine litter on the agenda in Norway through his work with this global environmental problem at the Directorate for Nature Management and Internationally through OSPAR since 2009.
DivingPADI Dive master and work diver license class S (light inspection)
PhotoErlend has always been very fond of taking pictures, and was active in a student group on Photography.
full professional proficiency
oral: intermediate
written: basic
Graphic designErlend is autodidactic in this field, but has worked with graphic design on many projects, and has earned accolades for these.
WebdesignErlend designed his first web page in 1995, and has followed the technological development within the field since then. He has worked as web-designer through his own company for several years.
Macintosh/Mac OSErlend bought his first Macintosh, a Mac Classic, at the end of the eighties, and is an advanced Macintosh user.
Microsoft OfficeErlend is an advanced user of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. He was admin user of the Office 365 accounts at SALT, and responsible for internal support on the platform within the company.
Adobe CCWell acquainted with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.
GISErlend is an experienced user of GIS-tools and has developed several marine datasets for the Norwegian Environment Agency. At MARBIO we use Q-GIS.
MARBIO projects
Selected projects from the period before MARBIO