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Life under water
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Why choose MARBIO?
Ikon for kunnskap

15 years experience from governmental aquaculture- and anvironment management.

4 yeas experience as senior adviser at consultancy.

Cand. scient. in marine biology, high knowledge of marine littering, GIS and various computer applications.

Ikon for effektivitet

Larger companies spend a lot of time on internal meetings and administration, which the customers eventually pay for.

We use this time to work on your assignment.

Ikon for samarbeid

For assignments that require more heads or complementary expertise, we select the best external partners for your particular assignment.

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Our services
Ikon for marin biologi
Marine biology

We carry out various types of studies within marine biology and environmental management, and have extensive experience in these areas.

We know life under water.

Ikon for marin biologi
Internal Control - Aquaculture

We can help you design or further develop your Norwegian Aquaculture Internal Control system.

The CEO of MARBIO has previously worked as an IC-Aquaculture auditor at the Directorate of Fisheries.

Ikon for marin biologi

We can help you create datasets, do GIS analyzes, design maps, etc.

Ikon for marin biologi
Marine litter

We have extensive experience with marine litter, and carry out studies and various assignments within this topic.

Ikon for marin biologi

If you need help with an assignment that is not mentioned here, but is close to our field of expertice, please get in touch with us to discuss possible options.

Rydd Norge Møre og Romsdal. Illustrasjonsfoto.
Rydd Norge Møre og Romsdal
Published 22. January 2021
Rydd Norge Møre og Romsdal
MARBIO har fått i oppdrag å planlegge prosjektet Rydd Norge Møre og Romsdal for Handelens Miljøfond. Go to news story
Coastscape-kart for Miljødirektoratet. Illustrasjonsfoto.
Coastscape-kart for Miljødirektoratet
Published 28. October 2020
Coastscape-kart for Miljødirektoratet
MARBIO har fått i oppdrag av Miljødirektoratet å sette sammen og tilrettelegge datasett som viser såkalte «Coastscapes» (på norsk: kystlandskaps-typer) definert av CAFF. Go to news story
MARBIO ser dagens lys. Illustrasjonsfoto.
MARBIO ser dagens lys
Published 25. June 2020
MARBIO ser dagens lys
MARBIO AS ble registrert i foretaksregisteret 25.06.2020. Dette er starten på et nytt kapittel for gründer og daglig leder Erlend Standal, som nå er klar for å bruke sin over 18 års lange erfaring fra statlig miljøforvaltning og privat konsulentvirksomhet til tjeneste for marint miljø gjennom egen bedrift. Go to news story
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